We’re halfway through the first month of the New Year. Everybody starts January with some hope that something can be different this year. We hope to end up somewhere different than where we currently are in some area of our lives. This weekend we are starting a brand new series exploring how we can end up in our desired circumstance. I hope that you will join us and invite a friend.

God's Destination Series God's Destination

Stephen Saxton -- Destination Part 6

Destination Evaporated Series Destination Evaporated

Stephen Saxton & Ross Sevlie -- Destination Part 5

The Heart of the Matter Series The Heart of the Matter

Garrett Huxford -- Destination Part 4

Where I Want To Be Series Where I Want To Be

Stephen Saxton -- Destination Part 3

Never One Bad Choice Series Never One Bad Choice

Stephen Saxton -- Destination Part 2

Every Roads Leads Somewhere Series Every Roads Leads Somewhere

Stephen Saxton -- Destination Part 1