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Less of Me Series Less of Me

Stephen Saxton -- The Joy of the Gospel Part 6

Life is Christ Series Life is Christ

Stephen Saxton -- The Joy of the Gospel Part 5

Advance the Gospel Series Advance the Gospel

Stephen Saxton -- The Joy of the Gospel Part 4

What's to Come Part 2 Series What's to Come Part 2

Stephen Saxton -- The Joy of the Gospel Part 3


Joy of the Gospel

Join us this summer as we take a deeper look at Philippians.

A Man's Life

What does it mean to be a man?

The Provenance of God

Join us as we discover the Provenance of God.

Creature of Habit

This series will explore the idea of harnessing the power of habit to follow Jesus and live the life God wants for us all.


Easter is here!


Have you ever been to an event or place and felt like an outsider? It’s awkward, right?

Treasures of Wheat

Jesus tells us in Matthew 13 that we can “shine like the sun” Join us as we dive deeper into what this means.


Join us as we start our journey through the world of Paul and his relationship with Philemon.

Good Sense

Are you living on Easy Street? Tune in to find out where you stand.

Christmas...In the Beginning

Discuss the narratives from the book of Genesis and connect them to the first coming of Christ.

Beautiful Prayer

When we look into the Psalmist’s words they are a mirror to our own hearts revealing how we see God and ourselves.

Crossing Faith Promise

Faith Promise is how we fund our missions program here at ICC.

Sermon on the Mount

During this series, we won’t be able to cover every idea or saying of Jesus, but I hope we gain an understanding of what Jesus has to say ab

Momentum Sunday

Join in on the Momentum

Focusing on Faith Promise

Listen and learn what you can do to help Agape Children's Ministries in Kenya.

Are You All In?

Join us as we discuss God’s call for the church in this community and around the world.

In the Days When the Judges Ruled

Join us as we learn how God used faithful decision making to shape a family and his nation.


Discovering what we need in our lives to hinder our drifting from God when the waters get rough.

The Gospel Project

Join us as we look at several different characters from the Old Testament and see how they found themselves in the middle of God's plan.

Are We There Yet?

Join us over the next few weeks as we discuss ways to get our families there.


We have prayed, planned and worked hard to prepare for the day and now we simply offer these efforts to God for his divine favor.

Journey to the Cross

Explore how the substitutionary death of Jesus actually procured for us our forgiveness and acceptance by God.

Finding Your Way Back To God

God doesn’t leave us. "Even those who don’t know Him, live, move and have their being in Him." (Acts 17:28)


Join us as we explore how we can end up in our desired circumstance.

Modern Family

Redefining the family.


Renewing our faith in the Christ who was born that men no more may die.

Beautiful Prayer

Exploring the beauty of the Psalms


Faith Promise - Supporting the Church Worldwide

The Head and the Heart

A Wisdom Series.

Why Church?

This series won’t be about why Jesus’ Church exists. The Church is the Body of Christ in the world and it exists because Jesus exists. In other words,…

Letters to Thessalonians

A walk through I & II Thessalonians.

Pop Culture: Power & Appeal

Join us as we look at the power and appeal of pop culture.

God, Politics & the Church

This Sunday we begin wrestling as a church, made up of people with varied political views, how we maintain unity in the faith while the poli

A Man's Life

The grill team is providing us with some awesome meat hot off the grill!

Story of Esther

God uses everything in our lives for His purpose.

My Great Family

During this series we will discover how God shows us in His Word how to have great families.

The Story

A four week series on the last week of Jesus' life.

Number Your Days

We have an extra day this year. So lets use it well.


How to change.

The Great Commission

Three weeks looking at the last statement of Jesus.